At the Studio

Currently class schedule is below as of 11-7-2020. Only two people at a time for a in-person class and 5 people on zoom. 

New Class Time!

Tuesday 10am -noon (in-person), 1pm-3pm(in-person)

Wednesday 10am -noon (in-person), 1pm-3pm (in-person), 6:30pm-8:30pm (zoom)

Thursday 10am -noon (zoom)

Saturday 1pm-3pm (in-person)

There are a slot available on except Sat. 1pm class. If you are interested in, please contact Mihoko. 


Basic Course: $180 for 6 classes. Material fee is additional. Learn to set up your own warp, and finish weaving 1 scarf size piece.

Advanced Basic Course: $285 for 12 classes.(prerequisite: Basic Course) Material fee is additional. Explore a wealth of techniques, and learn to fashion simple clothing items. Start learning how to take off & on your own inside set.

Membership Course: $220  for 12 classes.; renewable indefinitely.(prerequisite: Advanced Basic Course) Material fee is additional. Keep getting coaching from instructors and fellow weavers as you uncover your unlimited possibilities and build relationships within our SAORI community. You do need schedule 12 classes in advance. After becoming a silk member ( completion of 3 membership cycle) you get a six months period to finish your 12 classes.


Trial Class: First time only: $20 includes material fee. Repeat trials: $30 plus materials costs. Schedule it within a regular class time. Take home what you weave using pre-set warp.

For a trial class (2 hours weaving on a pre-set warp) is available  when the regular class is not full or upon a request to schedule. Special workshops and events will be updated in the calendar below. You may sign up from the date in the calendar.




Tue. night class


About Material Fee

Course fees do not include material fee, although certain one-time workshops may (check offerings below). Unless specially arranged, we provide all materials. Cost: $2/oz., based on the weight of finished projects, which varies.

 Special family discounts for courses available. If you use a credit card to make a payment, we apply 3% fee. 


Private class online ( zoom)

Mihoko will be available for you to teach you from warping to weaving and sewing.  Her one-hour private zoom class is $40. Please email her for scheduling.


NEW!  Study Group 2020 Winter-Spring (zoom)

It is a 6-month program to deepen your knowledge of weaving techniques and develop your inner creativity by working on a specific assignment and share the work in a monthly meeting in a group. This is for people who has a loom at home, has a basic skill of warping and weaving, and has been weaving for a while. This program is not for a beginner weaver. 

Mihoko has been facilitating the Study Group for several years. She has worked on the same assignment with participants as well and she will continue that. 

Most participants reflected that the Study Group was a great program because they learned so much by seeing the variety of interpretation of the same technique.  Many of them keep returning to the program to get new ideas that they have not come up if they have not shared in this way and to develop their interests, knowledges, and skills. It is educational, encouraging, inspiring, and fun to challenge something new and  something you are not so interested in before. The assignment is not limited your creativity.  

Participants have to agree with: 

  1. Work on all 6 assignments, each one for more than 40cm (16″) wide and 4 meter (4 yards) long
  2. Attend all 6 meetings as much as possible 
  3. Read Part 1 and Part 4 of the book “SAORI, Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving before the first meeting (if you don’t have a copy, please visit my Etsy shop here.)
  4. Take several pictures of your work and save them in the device you are going to attend the meeting with 

I will set up Study Group A (Basic level) and Study Group B (Inter mediate level) and will accept up to 8 people in each group. I expect the meeting is about 2 hours. The fee is $120.

Study Group A (Basic level) meets at the 3rd Thursday at 7pm.
Study Group B (Intermediate level) meets at the 4th Thursday at 7pm

Sign up on the calendar above in January, 2021. If you have questions, please contact Mihoko.


New!  Sewing Challenge “Be a friend of a sewing machine” 

This program is for beginner sewers to learn how to sew your SAORI handwoven piece to make a mask, a pouch,  and wearable clothing.  Once you learn basic stitches and cut that we use for SAORI garment, you will be confident to go further. 

Most people who don’t sew SAORI clothing since they are afraid of a sewing machine and afraid of failure to mess up the handwoven cloth. I will guide you gently so you will ease your mind to use the machine and cut your fabric without being panicked.  

This program is on Sat. Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30 at 3:30-5:30pm. The fee is $240.

Sign up on the calendar above in January, 2021. If you have questions, please contact Mihoko.