Seed to Fashion

Online Course Seed to Fashion 2020 for children (4-6 graders) 


Mihoko is offering a 6 month program (one meeting in a month) called Seed to Fashion. This year’s focus is for children of 4-6th grade.  The program is for people to grow indigo plants at a community garden, learn how to spin fleece, dye fiber with indigo leaves, and weave a scarf with the yarn they dyed. It is an inspirational program to all. She has conducted the program for all ages in 2018 and 2019.                                                    

This online course requires you to have an access to have a zoom meeting with Mihoko. She will send out some materials and tools so participants will be able to learn at the meeting class and practice at home after.

The program dates and activities

June 7th* at 3-5pm:   Introduction of the instructor, participants, General information about indigo plants and indigo dyes. Prepare for tie-dye for a cotton fabric and yarn

June 28th at 3-5pm: Sharing your tie-dye fabric, learning how to dye by watching a video, learning how to spin wool fiber with a drop spindle

July 26th at 3-5pm: Learning how to weave with the dyed yarn on cardboard box loom.

Aug, 23rd at 3-5pm: Live video at a Alpaca Farm. Learning about alpaca which is one of animals produce fiber for human

Sep.13th at 3-5pm: Learning how to harvest indigo plants and dye with the fresh leaves with videos. Participants’s prep for tie-dye silk scarves and yarn are dyes. 

Oct. 25th-Nov. 15th: Each participant schedule to have a SAORI loom at home for a week. They will have a quick introductory session and weave a scarf with pre-set warp. 

*It was originally planned on May 31st, however it was rescheduled on June 7th.

This program is free of charge including materials thanks to the Worcester Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council. All the scarf participant made tie-dye prep and weave are belonging to participants.

First come, first serve basis. Space is limited to 15. Please 

This video Seed to Fashion 2018  would give you a clear idea about this program. Please watch this before applying. 

All the space is taken. Thank you for your interest. Please sign up for our newsletter. More summer program online is coming up. 

If you have  questions, please email Mihoko at