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It is a 4 months program to deepen your knowledge of weaving techniques and develop your inner creativity by working on a specific assignment and share the work in a monthly meeting on zoom in a group. This is for people who has a loom at home, has a basic skill of warping and weaving, and has been weaving for a while. This program is NOT for a beginner weaver. Please consult Mihoko if you are not sure that you are qualified.

Mihoko has been facilitating the Study Group for several years. She has worked on the same assignment with participants before and she will continue that as far as her schedule allows her to do so.

Assignments choices are like “two color interlocking”, “weave with one color”, or “Bold tapestry”.

Most participants reflected that the Study Group was a great program because they learned so much by seeing the variety of interpretation of the same technique. Many of them keep returning to the program to get new ideas that they have not come up if they have not shared in the Study Group. It is a great way to develop your interests, knowledges, and skills. It is educational, encouraging, inspiring, and fun to challenge something new and something you are not so interested in before. The assignment is not limited your creativity.

This is perfect for people who want to have a guidance for new learning, who want to have a challenge, who want to connect and build friendship with other weavers, who want to develop their skills and knowledge about SAORI weaving, or/and who want to deepen their inner creativity.

Participants have to agree with:

1. Work on all 4 assignments, each work should be at least 30cm (12″) wide and 3 meter (3 yards) long

2. Attend all 4 zoom meetings as much as possible

3. Read Part 1 and Part 4 of the book “SAORI, Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving before the first meeting (if you don’t have a copy, please visit my website or Etsy shop saoriworcester.)

4. Take several pictures of your work and save them in the device you are going to attend the meeting with.


The Study Group is limited to 8 people. The meeting will be on Sep. 16th, Oct. 21st, Nov.11th, and Dec. 16th at 7:30pm (Eastern Time Zone), and each meeting will be about 2 hours long. The fee is $120.

Please sign up by Aug. 22nd. The whole group will decide the assignments by Sep. 1st. nce you make a payment, you will receive an email. Once the assignments are all determined, you will get a zoom link.

The cancellatioj policy: If you let me know before Aug.25th, I will refund $100 ($20 is non-refundable deposit). After Sep. 1st, no refund. You cannot give your slot to someone else after Sep. 1st. 



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