Spinning for Beginners (in-person) on May 23rd 10am-noon


You will learn how to spin wool with a drop spindle and try a spinning wheel at the end.

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Date & Time : May 23rd (Sunday) 10am -noon

Place : SAORI Worcester Studio, 18 Winslow Street, Worcester, MA 01609

Price : $30 including materials

This workshop is for people who have not done spinning before or have done a little. 

Mihoko will teach how to spin wool with a drop spindle first. Once you get the hung of it, you may try a spinning wheel ( the model is Ashford Tradition). Mihoko will explain about plying ( mixing two single spun yarn) to make the handspun yarn stabolized.

In this workshop, you will learn how wool fiber spun and how to make yarn for your project such as weaving or knitting.  It will take some time to get the hung of it. 

All the materials is included. Please wear a mask  during the workshop inside. If the weather permit, we could go outside.

You may rent a dropspindle for a month for practicing at home with some materials for $20 (cash).



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