SAORI, Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving


This book contains 148 full color pages with SAORI philosophy, basic to variation of weaving techniques and 17 patterns that can be created from handwoven fabric. It’s very inspirational, educational and practical for both beginner weavers and experienced weavers. This book was introduced at the international SAORI conference 2012 in LA. Kenzo told us that this book had some information which was not published in any book in Japan. He noticed increasing SAORI weavers outside of Japan and hoped this book help them step by step.

It is written by Misao Jo & Kenzo Jo and it’s published in 2012.

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This is an instructional book with all colored148 pages. It includes the biography of the founder Misao Jo, the history, the philosophy, the instruction of setting up warp, weaving techniques and 17 patterns of designed clothing. This would be a bible for all SAORI weavers to follow the instructions step by step and a great inspiration for other experienced weavers. You will understand the depth of this unique art SAORI weaving from Japan.

This book doesn’t include the Kenzo method of warping as of Dec. 2020.

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