Newsletter #9


Spring brings many news!

Hi! I hope this finds you well.
I wish I could give you only good news, however, I have one sad news in this newsletter.

 PASA Yarns, a wholesale yarn store in Uxbridge, MA which has served us for many years is finally going to close by the end of March. Paul at PASA told me that he rather sit at the beach in FL now. Also, since many mills are closing in US, it has been getting harder and harder for him to find mill end yarn to keep the business alive. He sets a day for having us to do the last shopping there as below. He will give us a good discount which is a probably once- in- a- life time deal. He expects one more shipping coming in sometime next week. So if you rush to the store now, you might not get to see the new yarn. Please be patient and go shopping together and have lunch at the Depot Cafe after. If you want to car pool, please let me know.

You are welcome to spread words! 

Trip to PASA Yarns, 175 Elmdale Rd, Uxbridge, MA
March 12th (Mon) 10am 
Cash only (Bring a checkbook just in case./ No credit card accepted)



SAORI kai on April 7th (Sat.) 3:30pm

 Kai means a gathering/party in Japanese although the word has never been used as itself in Japan. The word is usually used with other words such as Tanjou-kai (Birthday party), Kangei-kai (Welcome party), Nomi-kai (Drinking party) or Ocha-kai (Tea party). SAORI kai is a show & tell gathering which you will meet other fellow weavers who come different class time, share ideas and get inspired. 

 In the past we had few SAORI kai in a year but last year we had only once. We had many dying workshops instead. I will try to have the SAORI kai few times this year since it is a great opportunity for people to have feedback and new ideas. Although you might have seen many works on screens everyday, it is not the same to spend time with others face to face. There are a good number of newer students who have not experienced this gathering yet. It is time to do it again! It is free and open to public. It is a great chance to check the studio and what SAORI weaving is all about.

 Yarn swap and Warp exchange are not mandatory. Warp exchange is a traditional way to have challenge in Japan for years. We had this in the past Canada-US conferences as well. Everyone is encouraged to participate. 

What to bring
– Your recent work (1-5) for show and tell
– Yarn if you have yarns that  you want to get rid of for Yarn Swap 
     We will do this in casual style. Please mark the material (for example. cotton or wool) each yarn as            much as possible. 
– Wound warp without cutting edges if you want to exchange.
    100-120 ends and 2.5-3 meter long/ Make sure to tie the cross and few chokes.           Materials are not limited.  
– Snack for sharing if you want.



Grant for indigo “Seed to Fashion” community project

I have received the 2018 project grant from Worcester Arts Council for my project!!!

It is a six month project using the community garden on Winslow St. to grow indigo plants, dye fiber and weave a scarf at the end with the dyed fiber. I will recruit participants of all ages (15 people) in the immediate neighborhood, however, my plan is duplicating the project at my studio as well. I am asking volunteer assistants for the project who will be invited to my studio workshop with discount rate.

Also, I would like to know who can help growing indigo at your own space this year. Just like last year I ask those who bring seeds back home to bring harvested leaves in fall for the workshop. If you have last year’s seeds, you can still try planting them this year. Please let me know if you seriously want to have seeds your own project. I will be happy to distribute some.

I am still middle of planning the details of the projects including dates of monthly workshops. Once the details get scheduled, I will post it on my website. Please stay tuned! 



Japanese Festival on April 29th 11am-5pm
at Boston Common

I have been attending this festival from seven years ago.This year I will be under a tent and focus on selling finished products. Please stop by or spread words to check out my work. 



Dreaming of a real bathroom in the studio…

As I keep telling people about this big dream, I started talking with my plumber and a city inspector. It is getting a real. I am having a loan from bank, however, I would like to ask you to help me make this dream comes true without fail as below. 

1. Keep coming to classes regularly.
2. Prepay your membership for a year (2 or 3 membership in once).
3. Lend me fund without or very little interest.
4. Buy gift certificates.
5. Pre-order wearable items.
6. Rate and write a review of the studio on Facebook.
7. Follow me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The more people know about the studio, the more people sign up classes.

Once a bathroom is installed, I plan to have artists in residency, work exchange students and students for intensive training using upstairs space as well. Thank you for understanding and your generous support. Any suggestions are welcome, too.

More info 
-Workshops for sewing and painting warp will come in May & June.
-Japan tour of new itinerary will be in fall.
-The Study Group is really rolling.
-Loom in Essence 2018 will be in Dec. at Sprinkler Factory. 

Details will come in next newsletter…..

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