Dreaming indigo dyeing in my yard

I have tried planting indigo seeds in my yard for few years and have never succeeded. I thought it was not warm climate for indigo to grow here in Massachusetts.

Last year when I was Artist in Residence at Searsport, ME in August, I saw beautiful indigo plants growing healthy in the dyer’s garden. Yes, this ocean camp ground has an artist studio and a dyer’s garden in the camping site.(Searsport Shore Ocean Campground)  I picked the fresh leaves for my experiments.  Although the dye experiment didn’t come out in a way I expected, I enjoyed doing it. And it made me realized that the reason that indigo seeds didn’t come out in my yard was not temperature. Since then, I researched more how to grow and how to dye with fresh leaves to determine to try it again this year.


I waited and waited for the frozen temperature to go away for a long time. This past winter was way too long and bitter for all of us. In April we had two days we had snow. Finally I planted the seeds I got from Japan at the end of March and kept them moisturized everyday. After two weeks, the seeds started sprouting! Hello, my babies! They are currently inside in my kitchen floor. I might need thin-out and replant them in a couple of week.

I am dreaming of the indigo dyeing!!!

It would be challenging to keep them growing while I am away to Japan. I have few people to take turns to watch them for me. I will cross my fingers….. I will report about my babies in June.

(I have a picture of the indigo, however my technical limitation, I can not figure the error of the uploading it here. It will come soon, I hope.)




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