Thinking of Japan Tour

Worcester is the snowiest city in the US now. There are huge mounts of snow at every corner of streets and drive way entrances. We had three huge snow storms in two weeks then one after another while the temperature has been single digit to 20F. My back room is colder than a refrigerator. It’s great to think about walking narrow streets in Japan in May which is a blooming season.

I remember that my dad used to say that he wanted to be a tour guide in Japan for visitors from other countries once he retired. Every day he was used to listen to the radio program of English conversation lessons with me when I was in a middle school. Unfortunately he passed away before he realized his dream, however I feel like he has been with me while I guided the tour for all these years. In 80’s my dad had organized a small tour group of family (my mom, her sisters and their familymembers) to Paris. It was very rare for a Japanese business man to take such a long day off but he did. He used to tell us a story with gesture how he was terrified to had realized that he forgot to re-confirm the flight back home. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I enjoys guiding tours and I did had those moments on my tour in the past, too.  I can write a book about those moments some day.(lol)

This year’s tour is going to be my 6th Japan tour. Each one is very different and memorable to me. Although the details of the itinerary has been made by tour members, I have few places I always go (or at least tried to go) on my tour.


One is Flora House, Yufuin, Oita prefecture. It is a family business B&B in Kyusyu island in south. You can see this Mt. Yufu from a big bath house through a window while soaking your body in a smooth warm tub. DSC00644




Another one is Studio Yuu, Himeji, Hyogo prefecture. It is a SAORI studio and a workshop for young women with developmental problems. This was a time when each weavers showed us their work in progress at the studio.322



Another one is Mom’s Hand, Kakogawa, Hyogo prefecture. It is a guest house of Mr.& Mrs. Fukushima. They grow many flowers and vegetables all around their house and feed us with them from their garden.

I am looking forward to the new adventure in May this year. The deadline of the deposit is Feb. 22nd. If you would like to jump in, you are welcome to do so.


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