Silk Dye Workshop in April

I was re-introduced to tdyeing wokshop grouphis dye called Color Hue when I visited Sarasota, FL back in January. Since then I have been playing with it and loving it so much. It is a non-toxic, permanent, and easy to dye without heat.




On April 26th the first time to use this dye was held at the studio. People chosen silk or rayon warp which were already wound for a scarf size. (100ends x 2.5 meter long). First, we tied the warp with plastic packaging cords to cover some area that we didn’t want the color in.
Then make an individual color dye bath in a plastic zip-lock bag, put the warp in to make the yarn soaked completely and gently rub yarn until all the dye was sucked up to see the water gets clear. It is just like acid dye with wool. The water in the zip-lock bag got completely clear (in case for rayon there are some color left).

dying workshop Bayda

Then untie the cords and apply different color there or over-dye the whole warp in to new color.

Since we don’t have a sink at the studio, people should rinse them at home later.

It gave us an immediate graphical result. We applied additional colors using a spray bottle to target the area we wanted the color to be. We used a silk fabric to wipe out the table to suck all the drips of dye which would be used for Sakiori.

dying workshop yarn








We learned the color gets lighter when it gets dried. Our learning has just started. Hope to study this dye monthly…. Look for another workshop in June!



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