Weaving with strands of pearls but being spoiled in others ways beyond that

Weaving at home on a borrowed 4 harness jack loom taught me how spoiled I am. Like Ann’s “teachers”–pieces of experimental weaving–but the experience coming from somewhere perhaps more unexpected. First, that cute little Le Clerc 40cm loom was far less gazelle-like than the SAORI looms I’m used to but still provided the magic that weaving generally does–whoa! I made fabric outta strings!!I kept finding myself stomping on the ground to switch the harness even though it was hand operated. I was thinking how nice it would be to quietly concentrate on what I was making but honestly I felt a bit too caught up in my own ideas or seeking out a plan in contrast to what I feel is the dangerous mistake of applying limits to what you assess yourself to be. I’ll see people’s work who I admire artistically (or even  cosmically) and be entirely befuddled by their finesse at creating something glorious with so little intention. Things just come forth with a blank state of mind. But when weaving in  a group you get the ultra forte of increased awareness and fluid inspiration. It rules! With this scarf, i had really only myself and my materials to put in and it felt surprisingly different! I wove in strands of plastic pearls and am finishing the fringe off in groupings of friendship bracelets!   –Annie

annie pearl scarf

annie pearl scarf 2annie pearl scarf 3
















1 thought on “Weaving with strands of pearls but being spoiled in others ways beyond that

  1. Annie, Love the scarf…pearls and all. Yes ,, when I am using my small cricket loom for small projects…I say…oh if only it was the saori…gazelle is the right term. Be well

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