SAORI kai in November 2013

We had another SAORI kai on Nov. 16th . There were about 20 people attended this time and it went very well.








The huge difference from the past SAORI kai was that there were more clothing besides scarves and banners. Also, there were pieces from all kind of interesting techniques and challenges such as dyed warp, make-up own patterns and collaborative with other medium. Janet’s tunic was made from a piece with inter-locking warp.

Jane's work.Mariana







10 years-old Mariana has completed Basic Course recently. Now she is working on a big shawl at her Advanced Basic Course.









Ann made a pair of pants. She said that it was so comfortable to wear.




MayaMaya had made a school bag last year. After the first year at High school the bag was worn out. So she has made a new bag this summer for her second year.












There were sisters who took a first trial class in the afternoon on that day and  a lady who was weaving at home on a rigid heddle loom. This SAORI kai convinced them to start their Basic Course afterward.


I am so sorry that I didn’t take good pictures at this gathering. I am learning how to use iPad and iPhone to focus and it is not so easy. Anyhow I hope you get a feeling of our SAORI kai from this post. I also realized that we needed to do this more often otherwise we would not have enough time to share everything. Next time let’s plan to have yarn swap and warp exchange. Hope you join us!










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