Highlights from last week

I have been working for many different things in this past weeks. One of them is leading a Japanese dance team for Asian Festival in Worcester. (It’s the 10th anniversary!) We will dance “Nanchu Soran Bushi” which is a fisher men’s dance and has been great exercise for me. Although I love this dance so much, I will be so glad to finish it tomorrow!  Then I will leave to Japan on July 1st. Some people asked me if I blog the tour. I know it might be hard to do it however, I will try. It would be good to do it instead of reporting the whole tour later which would be another big job.

But before I go to Japan, let me introduce some of the great pieces woven by our long term students.

Beth with her tapestryBeth has been coming more than 5years on and off. She doesn’t drive so she takes 2 buses to get here. Because of her migraine problem she can not show up often. So her pace to make things is slow. However, finally she finished her tapestry which she has been working on for more than a year (or two)! Her meticulous work is hard to see from this picture. She weave each panels for a while and connect a bit with next each other here or there. She even put shell beads at the bottom. Her persistent effort is supported by her great imagination, I think.







David with his long pieceDavid has a short time memory problem and he doesn’t remember what he has been working on next time he comes to the studio. But it doesn’t matter for SAORI.  He picks up the patterns or colors he used before and starts from there. I often give him some challenges these days since he made so many pieces in the past 5 years. This time he used more colors for warp.

Even though he doesn’t remember what he was doing before, his muscle memory makes his skill improved. It’s been a great journey to work with him. At first he could not keep crosses at all. This time he did a terrific job and there was no need to re-thread warp.

I am going to make a clothing out of this piece since sewing is too stressful for him although he has sewn many bags and clothing before. Let’s see what leads us next.






Frank with his shawlFrank is the one of senior students who has been a studio member for more than 6 years. I leave some classes for him to take care of while I am in Japan. He has done some 4 harness weaving at home after leaning SAORI. He has a lot of patience and great sense of colors.

It took 2 months for him to complete this project .(He comes twice in a week!) He got an idea to make boxes while he looked at Japanese SAORI books. Then, of course he interpreted it with his own creativity. This is done with 3 color interlocking which he loves to do. I admire how he didn’t make the colors in order. Also, the sizes of the boxes are all different. I am so proud of him.





I hope you try something new this summer. It should be very different from what you usually do. THINK, LIVE and LOVE  OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!!





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  1. Mihoko….just so wonderful.. I had the priviledge to see all of these projects in person. They are all just amazing. Have a wonderful trip…Take lots of pictures.

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