A circle warp top and a elastic dress

I will have an exhibition in Japan with my young sisters. This is something we have been talking about as a one of our dream for a while. My youngest sister is a great knitter however what she got certified is a traditional Chinese knotting, it looks like a kind of macrame. And my middles sister is a great baker. I found a small gallery near my mom’s home. In July 26th-29th we display our creation and sell them for four days and hope to see our friends there.

Now yes, I must have my work for the exhibition. In 2 weeks I need to work massively which I don’t mind at all as long as there are anything else I have to do. Naturally it’s not the case I have to perform at Asian Festival, make a plan for the Japan tour and organize schedule and situation while I am not here. I am getting better to be a present moment without being panicked.

Anyway, these are my latest work I want to share here.Orange circle warp top front

This warp was done as circle warping. It’s all cotton and it’s woven very loosely. When I realized I made “a mistake”, I twisted the shoulder part besides fixing it. It usually works better.










And this piece is also all cotton except elastic yarn. It started just like a tapestry and I thought I needed something spark. Then I wove elastic yarn.

Blue with elastic front






Blue elastic close look






Blue elastic side





The dress is a very simple pattern. It’s a shape T dress with a boarder neckline. I love to work with the unexpected results. There are not many good elastic yarn available around so I am planning to buy a lot when I get Japan this summer. You don’t need a lot of them to make fabric shrinkable but you don’t want to worry if they are not enough. I heard that Kenzo is investing a new elastic yarn which is very easy to work with. I am looking forward to finding out about it!








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