Elementary School Students’ Work

Betty is an art teacher of an elementary school near Boston. She has been our studio member for a while.  A couple of years ago she got a grant to buy a Piccolo loom for her school. She love weaving passionately but one loom can  no do much so she uses paper and wood to make individual frame looms for her students. One day she brought her students’ work to the studio to show us great ideas. She did a lot of preparation and finishing up for them in order to have a good work for the school art show.

This is her sample guy. She put buttons for eyes and a mouth, sew felt pieces for arms and legs, and added a pipe cleaner and beads for hair.

005betty's sample guy











Here are her students’ work. They are so cute.003







She made a wooden block loom like this.


Warp is cotton. While a student weave on a SAORI loom, others can weave their own loom at table.







These are tiny pocketbook. They can be treasure cases. She said they are “amulet bags’, Egyptian treasure cases.








Here is a art work on a cardboard frame loom. First students painted few different sizes cardboard pieces and glue them together. Then some of them set up warp vertical while others set up free form.


Some woven and some didn’t. They added their own creativity to the work.

006 (2)









There are so many way to use woven fabric incorporated into art work. These ideas gives me idea to enjoy weaving in various ways. Hope you can use these ideas for your classes, too!


008 (2)

3 thoughts on “Elementary School Students’ Work

  1. These are wonderful! Great ideas; I would love to try these with children.

  2. your tapestry looks like it will be amanzig! i sold my loom not to long ago and it makes me sad to think about it. i will get another one some day!xo,cb[]Tams Reply:April 8th, 2011 at 10:20 pmOooh, that is sad What kind of tapestry loom did you have? The one I am using belongs to my school, but I have been thinking about buying one from Archie Brennan. I also have big dreams of owning a really huge one eventually.[]

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