Adding SAORI patches on bags

I have had several vinyl bags which were samples of a manufacture. They are just simple designed bags and I thought that they would look nicer if I decorated with SAORI fabric. Time has passed by and finally I started working on this project last week. (A Street Craft Fair is next Sunday!)

As you know, I have so many scraps. I have three big bins full of scraps from left over from my own projects and years of demonstrations . It’s one of my on-going projects to use those scraps.


I dug and picked some pieces I liked and laid them out on the table. Then waited for a good idea to come to me. While waiting I moved those pieces around to look at them in different angles.

heart patched bag




For this bag I put some stuffing under the heart pieces. I used straight stitches except for the small heart. Since I didn’t use interfacing, I had to be careful not to pull any woven threads. However, zigzag was needed for the smaller piece.






I used #100 universal threading needle for these thick fabric and saw slowly. 013 SAORI handle bag
I tried not to loose SAORI’s playful aspect when I was patching them here. I didn’t cut the long piece and patched it on both sides.







Blue SAORI patched bag

Rayon Chenille patched bagSomeone said that she had many reuse bags and tote bags that some company’s names or advertisements on.  If you cover them up with beautiful SAORI fabric, they will turn to a unique bags like these. Please try!

2 thoughts on “Adding SAORI patches on bags

  1. I love them especially the ones with the handles that are covered with the weavings. How about some japanese words…the reverse applique. Pam

  2. M…put these on the saori facebook page…people would like them and get some new ideas

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