Highlights from Past 2 weeks

Lonnie has been a studio member for at least 3 years. He is a man who does if he decides to do. He had completed a coat woven with rayon chenille last year. Of course he sewn it. Last week he finished a bow tie. I think he is going to wear it for a prom. I would love to see him on a shirt and suites. It would be fabulous. I don’t know anyone else who can tie a regular bow tie like he does (not ones which a bow is sewn.).

Lonnie with a bowtie









Frank made his first mobius scarf. He mixed many different fibers. He has a large family and the item like this usually goes to a stash for his holiday gift. I hope a grand daughter and a daughter won’t fight over it. When he finished weaving, we ended up to take apart of the breast beam since it was around it. I was so glad that he used a SAORI 60 loom which we were able to take the beam off. On SX60 we could not. (This is a warning to you!)

Frank with a mobius scarf











Annie, my intern made a 3/4 circle skirt. She is a sewer and she was curious about how the regular pattern works for SAORI fabric.  To make this circle, she wove a lot of fabric. She said that the fabric was too heavy so she needed to put the suspenders. She is wearing it many occasions.

Annie with circle skirt (1)










Kicki from Sweden spent a whole week to take my classes intensively. She is a traditional weaving teacher in Sweden. She got a grant to come to US to study new approach which might attract younger generations to her classes. Even though she is a traditional weaver, she definitely has a open spirit to understand SAORI way.

Kicki with her first tapetry












Maggie from Springfield, MA  had spent full 4 days in a week for training at the studio to complete Advanced Basic Course. She has been weaving a 4 harness loom and a rigid heddle loom. She fell in love with SAORI and got a SAORI loom. I believe this was her first time to make wearable item from woven fabric. She just needs to hem the edges to finish. I hope she wears this for our SAORI kai, on April 27th.

Maggie with her shawl almost done











It’s impossible to capture everything happened at the studio to report on this blog. However, I am trying it because these things are so inspiring to others. And I believe that people get the fundamental SAORI philosophy from it.





3 thoughts on “Highlights from Past 2 weeks

  1. Finally I get to see Annie’s finished skirt. Most excellent.
    Yes, the summery vest will be finished and worn at the Saori Kai.
    I hope you have warmed up from your frozen weekend in Greenfield’s beautiful frigid round barn.

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