In the new SAORI book “Self- Innovation through Free Weaving” introduces a technique WWW which you lay a weft thread like letter W in a shed to make tiny loopy weft result. And if you weave like this the whole thing, it will be able to stretch the width more than 2 times wider once you take it off from the loom. While I was taking apart knitted socks from one of donation boxes to save the beautiful dyed sock yarn, the kinky yarn made me think that it would be able to weave as they were and it would created the same effect of WWW technique.

Unknit the ribs








Unknitted yarn to be woven

When I taking apart, I left yarn as they were. And I wove them making a mountain shape in a shed.

Unknitted yarn woven on the loom








They created many tiny loops.



Unknitted yarn woven off the loom

And when I cut off the piece from the loom, it almost automatically stretched out. The beginning part which I didn’t use kinky yarn didn’t stretch at all of course.

This is not quite big enough to make a skirt for me however, I can add another fabric to it. Let’s see how this piece want to be.

This is a test, a sample, a trial piece. This is what I have been doing all these years. Try new ideas to see if it works or not as I expect. This has been my practice and will be for my life long time practice  not to have fear to do completely new thing.









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  1. I know what you mean. Sewing in ends is the ugly side of knitting and creocht. The bit they don’t really tell you about in books… I hate it until you get to that last end. The last one I can cope with 🙂

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