Workshop at Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH

Yesterday I presented a workshop at Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. I transported 6 looms included a Piccolo for just in case and materials. Thanks to Bobbie Herron from Freedom Weavers Studio and Carol Allen I got 8 SAORI looms set up in the room. Bobbie also stayed the whole time to assist me to teach. Cheryl with a green hair band who is a tapestry weaving teacher at the Museum coordinated this workshop. Even though she is teaching “traditional ” weaving in her class she loves SAORI ideas and came to Worcester to take my class.

Workshop at Currier

We had a couple of people who has been taking Cheryl’s classes, some people who had woven in traditional way and others who had never woven before. So it was a good mix.


It was a 3 hour workshop. I gave people as much as time I allowed after explaining the philosophy and showing basic techniques to they had enough time to explore and got into it.

And it was so nice to get together with Bobbie who used to take my classes and went to Japan with me in 2005! She had met Misao Jo and she has always been a dedicated SAORI weaver and a teacher since then.



Workshop at Currier, Group



You can tell how it went. We had a few minutes to reflect their experiences at the end. You might see them at my studio in near future.

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