Upholstering dining chairs

This was my long time dream. In this long cold winter I felt I really needed new colors in my life besides white and grey. It’s true that I have many wonderful colors in my studio but I needed more colors in my living space to cheer me up. So I took this project. Our dining chairs were so old and had been taped because the seats had got ripped.



When I started to take the tucks off a chair, I realized it was not a small project. Oh, well. I started so I had to finish.






While removing tucks, the covers and the stuffing, I understood that a person whoever  made this chairs did a wonderful job. They were covered well. The stuffing was cotton and some kind of firm fiber. I have read somewhere that sometimes people used to use horse hair for stuffing chairs. How interesting!
























Then I painted chairs in a snow stormy day so nobody would disturb me.












I wanted to use this color for the covering.



214The lime green has been popular color for a while and I like it. I was not sure if I liked it in the kitchen but I desperately needed a different look there. I found this fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric store. The store person told me that  it was new. I knew I had never seen this kind of vibrant vinyl fabric anywhere before and there were other colors such as orange, pink, turquoise, and sky blue. It was not as thick as the ones on the chairs before but it was close enough. She said people used this fabric for covering a yacht or a boat. Sounded sturdy enough to me.






I didn’t use a staple gun because I wanted to do the same way as the chairs were done before. I used tucks so I got a bleeding nail. Just one. I used cotton butting and not- too-soft poly stuffing.































I am pretty happy about the result. Yes, I painted the kitchen wall, too. Now I am thinking curtains and decorations. Spring is here now!! Hooray ! (Outside is covered with snow again today.)

Someday I might try upholstering chairs with SAORI fabric!


New Kitchen look

4 thoughts on “Upholstering dining chairs

  1. WOW!!!! Very impressive! That is something I have always thought about trying, but was sort of intimidated by it. Thanks for the step by step photos!!! I don’t know what a “tuck” is, but I will Google it. (It’s probably the little nails.) Nice job! The kitchen looks very cheery.

  2. MIhoko i love the colors. The walls are just wonderful…You know orange is my favorite color and the chairs are the bomb. lifts up your heart when the house is pretty. Good job…enjoy it.

  3. You have spring time in your kitchen now! It is cheerful and beautiful… And great sharing of your upholstering process, too!

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