SAORI kai at Falmouth, MA

On  March 3rd (Sun.) we had a SAORI kai at the Art Center of Falmouth Artist Guild.

Kathleen at SAORI kaiKathleen, at the center of this photo who is our studio member re-started SAORI classes at the center in 2012 and the director of the center Suzy is continuing the program. Nearly 50 people came to SAORI kai not only from local area but also from some distant area such as Plymouth and Sandwitch. The half of them had tried SAORI either at the center or my place. The other half were people who got interested in from the announcement. They were quilters, traditional weavers, knitters and their friends and spouces.

Since it was the first time to do this at the center I gave a talk about SAORI history and the philosophy followed by showing pictures of my studio.

Then we went around to do “show and tell”. I did a demonstration on a loom later.

I was so excited to see so many people came. It’s been a long time since I brought looms to introduce SAORI at the center at the first time. It must be 2005 or so. Thanks to Kathleen and Suzy a seed of SAORI there was planted firmly and growing. The amount of interest and energy were great.

Jane at SAORI kaiThis is Jane who also took my classes at the studio.

Hope this little SAORI plant with new leaves at Falmouth keep growing and bloom wonderful flowers in near future!

By the way, even though I was little under the weather I had a quality time there. Kathleen put me up at her cozy house where it was full of arty stuff. We went to nice restaurants in downtown, saw Jane’s studio & Kathleen’s studio, and had a walk on a trail and beach. I am grateful that SAORI brings me to great places where I meet nice people whom I can share my passion together. As the result the friendship through SAORI gets stronger. That’s why teaching SAORI at my studio is not mere my work. It’s my life itself.

2 thoughts on “SAORI kai at Falmouth, MA

  1. Thank you Mihoko for the wonderful Saori-kai. It was very generous of you to come to The Falmouth Art Center. We are lucky to be able to share this wonderful way of life.

    I have heard from several newly interested people, how much they enjoyed your presentation and got an understanding of how the wonderful way of Saori is making a difference in all people lives, when they begin the journey.

    If you have not heard Mihoko’s Saori presentation, give yourself a treat next time she schedules one.

  2. Thank you Mihoko for planting the ‘Saori Seed’ in our souls!It was a wonderful presentation!

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