Three Tapestries

It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote the last blog. There was a major blizzard that took my time to deal with. Fortunately I didn’t lose power and there was no huge troubles.

I could not update the blog last week because  I had been working hard on these three tapestries below. I worked until the last minutes yesterday to complete the third one to submit a jury show. I felt so good to finish all three although the day before I was not sure if it was possible to make it.

Here is “Rainbow/Celebration”.

I wove several rainbow pieces and cut and paste using three banners. What I wanted to do here was reconstruction.










This was woven with Japanese paper in both warp and weft. I put some leaf skeleton with glue for accents.  The title is “Sun ray through trees”.

I love working with paper and have woven paper in the past. I learned that when paper was woven, it didn’t appeal so much. People can not tell it’s paper. So this time I wanted to show clearly it’s paper by leaving some part being unwoven.  I spent a lot of time to spin the paper to get strong enough to be warp thread. Then I spent hours to unspun the fringes at the bottom.









This is “Weaving Circle”. I patched many leftover scrap pieces together first. Then I covered with black jersey fabric , sewed and cut out jersey pieces just like SAORI T-shirt technique. While I got the idea to put many scraps together I didn’t have any specific idea what shape I was forming or what kind of design I was cutting out. Just the day before of the due date I wanted to express weaving itself somehow. That’s how I got the design.  And I learned to use invisible thread to patch pieces together this time.  It made nicer edges to make me happy.

During the whole process of making these tapestries I got many new ideas which I successfully cooperated with in the work. Some of them were saved for another project. At this point I don’t care so much if these pieces are chosen or not for the show.  I know they will be shown somewhere somehow.  Well, my students can see them at the studio for sure. Hopefully they inspire them in any way.

2 thoughts on “Three Tapestries

  1. Mihoko, these works are truly inspiring! The paper one really touches me, I love the way the paper drapes in between the panels. The Weaving Circle reminds me of a stained glass window. Beautiful!

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