Mini SAORI kai, Part2

This is Kathleen who came from Cape Cod. She is one of SAORI teachers at Falmouth Art Center. She showed us many wonderful pieces she wove. And on this day she worked on this piece. At first she was not sure how the sewing would be. I thought since she had been a great sewer(traditional way) it was difficult  for her to work with such a loose fabric. However, she was putting 4 panels together and wondered if she should create a tunic or……

a shawl??? By now she must have finished the piece at home and hang it in the show. The exhibition “Textile” will be up by the end of February. I will post the time and place soon.







Annie, our new intern has worked on her very first SAORI garment. She was so excited!





And here is Pam again with her new dress. She doesn’t stop weaving and sewing.Betty next to Pam is currently weaving materials to make  some kind of garment. We were so inspired on the day.

I was busy taking pictures and helping them. What a day! At the end I was so happy because this level of learning experiences were what I really wanted people  to have at my studio.










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