Mini SAORI kai, Part1

Last Saturday was a busy day. It was like mini SAORI kai. (SAORI gathering) because there were many people did “show and tell”.

Here are Abbey and her older son Terry who were wearing beautiful garments. The fabric was woven by Abbey’s younger son James. Abbey is a very creative Mom to make every fabric that James wove  into all kinds of different clothing. She even made a small poncho (cape?) for herself and coordinated with same colorway’s skirt and shirt.








This is James, the weaver in the family. He has been weaving for more than 9 months now. He has been setting up his own warp with some help. What he impressed us most  in classes is his expression of love to his mom and his brother. He is such a sweet guy.









This is Leslie who came from Philadelphia to take intensive Advanced Basic Course. This is one of several pieces she worked in the week. She set up the warp in interlocking which was very confusing. She wove with very thick treasures (thrums and fleece) and experimented with colors.








To be continued……

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