Circle warping

This is what I am working on now. I did “a circle warping”. Instead of winding warp back and forth between the pegs on a warping frame, I wound warp creating a sort of a circle around the pegs.

Mihoko's circle warp on the back of a loom

The reason to do warping in this way is to get Ikat effect using spaced dyed yarn. Matching colors of warp with spaced dyed (variegated) yarn requires to wind warp in a same direction. So I wound warp around. When I didn’t get the color I liked to match, I wrapped the yarn around the peg until I got the color to start another round. Sometimes I had to wound a lot to get the matching  color. In this way I didn’t need to dye my own warp to have this Ikat effect. Lazy Me! I needed to pay attention to make a right threading cross each around though.  I cut only one place. Other than that, it was same to do all the rest.

I learned this recently from a veteran teacher in Japan. I found his post on Facebook and asked about it.


Mihoko's circle warping on a loom

The warp I used was cotton slub yarn. The texture and colors are so interesting. I am thinking to make a summer top from this piece. Let’s see.

2 thoughts on “Circle warping

  1. Hi, Always thinking and planning, you are!! Lovely work. Want to learn how to do this. See you Saturday.

  2. Mihoko, Your circle warp is just beautiful. What an interesting technique. Please post more pictures when you make it into a summer top!

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