SAORI mittens

Pam is currently one of  active weavers at the studio. Almost every week when she comes to a class, she brings her work she creates at home the week. The last time she brought 2 pillows, 4 pairs of mittens and a coat.

She is a great knitter and she likes to work with wool. I know she has many left over yarn from knitting projects which are perfect for SAORI projects. She used commercial material for the backing of these pillows and made original tassels. She told that people visited her living room were immediately drawn to them.  Naturally!





And here are mittens! It’s so clever that she put matching buttons on the cuffs for each pair. They reminded me of Soul mates socks which don’t match the patterns. These are even better! They are super warm because there are linings which are the same felt materials she used for cuffs and palm sides. We all excited about these mittens. Here in Massachusetts we do need  great gears like them. And they don’t require huge fabrics. So I decided to host a workshop to make them having Pam as an instructor before this winter is over. The details will be posted soon at the event page. I can’t wait to make them.





Here is Pam with her margaret coat. She added pockets and made collars with some folds with buttons. Having Pam in the studio stirs up everyone’s inspiration.














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  1. I really like these mittens, and Pam’s jacket is beautiful! She is so talented! If the workshop fits into my schedule, I will plan on attending.

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