Today I went to see the Fountain Street Fine Art  gallery exhibition “COTTON” in Framingham, MA. My former student Stacey Piwinski has her art work in the show. She is an art teacher at public school and at same time she has been working on her MFA.

She combines her handwoven fabric with paintings. When I saw her work a couple of years ago at her studio, her work was simpler. She put few banners from top to down leaving some spaces between and painted in the space. She painted lines just like warp and weft threads. I could not tell which part was woven fabric and which part was painting from distance. You can see her work here.

In this show she put shorter woven pieces including small pieces ( I thought) at random and painted even over the woven pieces. Some pained lines looked like warp and weft and some parts looked like tight woven fabric because there were dots.  She added some strings or a sort of yarn and created 3 dimensional forms at some area. It’s a colorful textured painting.

Please see her work clicking here. ( I am sorry I didn’t take a photo of her work. And I don’t know how to copy the image from the web article.)

I saw those woven fabrics in the painting in totally different way. I don’t know how to describe but the woven fabric didn’t look like fiber. She wrote at her Artist’s statement “I weave like painting and I paint like weaving.”

Next time when I weave I would like to keep that image in my mind to see how the result comes out. She most recently got 1st prize in the 8th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition of Boston University, titled “Colorful Textures: Synaethesia in Art.” You can see her with her work here.

Thank you, Stacey for your great inspiration!


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