Today I attended Marcel’s funeral. He had been coming to the studio since 2008 and wove many items. He was forces to be cooperative with many physical problems and developmental difficulties for all his life. His sense of humor might have been his life skill to survive although it didn’t work so well sometimes. His choice of bright colors must have been a light in his heart for his life which inspired many people in the studio. The studio was the only place for him to socialize and the only place that he was accepted as being creative.

He always had clear ideas about his projects and he worked on to finish.  Early this year he made a wide belt which had several pockets that he wanted to keep his money and keys in. Instead of a shoulder bag, he deigned this belt by himself. The problem was the belt didn’t stay in fit on his body. So we sewn elastic bands behind it. We tried to make sure it stayed on his waste while he was standing, sitting and walking. It didn’t work well. Then he came up the idea to make a strap for it.  I thought it would have been easier to make a shoulder bag at the first place. But he didn’t mind. He started make a narrow piece for the strap and he’s gone in the middle of the work. I regret I didn’t take a picture of him and the belt. We decided to wait until the belt was completed with the strap.

He died on the Thanksgiving Day. It reminded me of being thankful for each moment to live. And from now on every Thanksgiving will bring his memory which I thought he really loved us all to do so. Rest in peace, Marcel. I surely miss your presence in the class.

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  1. Yes, Mihoko, I remember the last day I was in class with him. I still wish I had taken that pear…something told me to do it but I did not listen. I regret that but next time I will listen. Marcel was a courageous man….despite all of his difficulties…he reached out and tried to make life better for himself. I am thankful that your studio was there for him….a place of aceeptance and joy…in a world where many times there is none of that for people that don’t seem to fit into the mold. But everyone fits at your Saori studio. A little piece of heaven on earth

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