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Our Studio Exhibition looks just fantastic. When I had a store front studio on Highland Street (there are several good restaurants, a popular coffee shop, a pizza place, a wine store and few other stores which have art work on the street in walking distance.) I used to display the gallery space with new items all the time. Since I moved to this new location because the studio was not a store I have not organized any exhibitions for 3 years. (Besides the out side installation in 2010.). So it’s time to show many wonderful pieces in public that my students have been making.

One highlight of this show is my intern Alana’s work. She has been with me since the end of May this year. Her very creative mind has inspired us all. Here are some of her work.


Her latest project is a rug for her brother. She set about 10 ends warp and woven with scrap yarn from our “treasure basket” to make a long narrow strip.

strip for the rug

The weft threads were basically thrum, left-overs after trimming fabric edges in the past. Then she set up 60cm wide black warp using 3 dents reed to weave the woven strip collaborating with regular yarn weft. How interesting the rug came out!  What a creative idea she got! I am so impressed by her idea and her persistence to realize it. I will miss her very much. Hope she pursue her enthusiasm in art anywhere she goes.

Rug on a loom


Rug in complete

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  1. Wow, what beautiful work! I would love to have one of those rugs in my apartment. Alana will have to send me a rug from Hawaii! Best of luck in the new studio Alana.

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