Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


April 13th (Sat.) 3:30-5:30pm
Free and Open to public, Light refreshment will be served.

Kai means a gathering/party in Japanese. This is a show and tell gathering to all. Please bring your recent & not-so-recent work to share. People get inspired from everyone who has a own journey of creating a piece. Don’t hesitate to show even your first piece.
Also, this is a good public event for people who want to check the studio and find out about SAORI weaving. Please feel free to invite your families and friends.Study Group members are also encouraged to come to show your work. 

SAORI Lecture and a 3 hour workshop at Falmouth Art Center
March 18th (Mon) 11am 

   Artist Talk ” Fibers Inside & Outside the Body” (Kevin Ohashi and Mihoko ) organized by Eliot School of Fine Art and Applied Art 
  At Loring Greenough House, Boston

 April 7th (Sun) 3-5pm