Upcoming Events

Online Course Seed to Fashion 2020 for children of 4-6graders


Mihoko will offer a 6 month program (one meeting in a month) called Seed to Fashion.  The program is for people to grow indigo plants at a community garden, learn how to spin fleece, dye fiber with indigo leaves, and weave a scarf with the yarn they dyed. It is an inspirational program to all. She has conducted the program for all ages in 2018 and 2019.                                                    

This online course requires you to have an access to have a zoom meeting with Mihoko. She will send out some materials and tools so participants will be able to learn at the meeting class and practice at home after.


For more details and the application form, go to Seed to Fashion page.


Virtual SAORI kai on Zoom

June 6th(Sun) 1pm-3pm

It is time for us to reconnect and get inspired one another and everyone in a group! Please take a few pictures of your work (the whole work and close-ups of sections) and save the device you are going to use for the zoom meeting. We can “share screen” and show your pictures on screen while you explain about it. I found it is pretty good way to share work. Of course you cannot touch and feel in this way, however, it is best way to do it during this time. 

If you want to participate, please send an email with the subject “SAORI kai” to Mihoko. If you don’t put the title, the email might be lost. If you have not get back with the link,  you need to check your email.