Looms & Accessories

Please see 2015 Loom Price List for the prices of other looms & popular accessories.

If you would like to have 15 minutes introductory session for Free to learn more about SAORI looms, please make a schedule with Mihoko. You should have access to FaceTime (with iPad or iPhone) or Skype. She can show SAORI CH60(stational), SAORI 60 A (wheel chair accessible), SX60(foldable), Piccolo(metal) and most recent model WX60 (wooden frame and foldable). She can also show some of accessories upon your request. If you need a phone conversation, that’s okay, too. All other inquiries, please contact her.

Handwoven items

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Our Handwoven items are woven by Mihoko Wakabayashi, a studio instructor/artist  and her studio members. We are still work on progress but please check out our Etsy Shop. Staff Annie has her own Etsy Shop Velvet Sludge. She’s currently raising funds to attend the Japan Tour so please support her!

She is selling some of her work at stART at the Station, Worcester, MA on December 7th and Also we will have our Studio Exhibition and the SAORI Worcester’s Holiday Market at the space upstairs of the studio on Dec. 12th-24th. This would be a great chance for you to buy unique gifts in a stress-free venue.

“Harmony ?” exhibition of Mihoko and two other Japanese artist at the Worcester Center for Craft  will be held on Jan. 15th-Feb.28th.

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SAORI Self-Innovation#1 “SAORI, Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving”  by Misao Jo & Kenzo Jo, 2012 $59  (This is also available at Etsy Shop.)

This book contains 148 full color pages with SAORI philosophy, basic to variation of weaving techniques and 17 patterns that can be created from handwoven fabric. It’s very inspirational, educational and practical  for both beginner weavers and experienced weavers. This book was introduced at the international SAORI conference 2012 in LA. Kenzo told us that this book had some information which was not published in any book in Japan. He noticed increasing SAORI weavers outside of Japan and hoped this book help them step by step.





#2 “Fuku no katachi ni suru” $47 (This book is also available at our Etsy Shop.)

This is a brand new pattern book written in Japanese. Because of the clear photos and drawings many people who don’t read Japanese can figure out. The idea of making SAORI clothes are 1.not to waste woven fabric, 2. not to use patterns but use your body (or a dress form), 3. make a great use of the particular woven piece 4.not to cut so much etc. It’s completely different idea from westerner cloth making concepts. This book will inspire you what are possibilities for your woven materials.





#3 “Beginners’ SAORI Clothing Design” $26 (This book is also available at our Etsy Shop.)

Finally the English version of this book is available now.It contains the patterns which require only straight stitches and less cutting it will ease your mind if you are anxious about sewing your own woven fabric. It shows clear graphic designs and many pictures of variety from the same pattern. There are 12 patterns including vests, cardigans and pullovers.








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