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Looms & Accessories

The current prices is below.

If you would like to have 15 minutes introductory session for Free to learn more about SAORI looms, please make a schedule with Mihoko. You should have access to FaceTime (with iPad or iPhone) or Skype. She can show SAORI CH60(stational), SAORI 60 A (wheel chair accessible), WX60(wooden frame and foldable), SX60(partially wooden frame and foldable), and Piccolo(metal). She can also show some of accessories upon your request. If you need a phone conversation, that’s okay, too. All other inquiries, please contact her via email.


SAORI 60 and 90 Series

SAORI CH60 (all wood frame):                                      $1728

SAORI CH60A-2 (all wood frame; wheelchair accessible; height-adjustable):  $1878

SAORI WX60 (all wood frame, foldable, many updates from SX60):        $1668

SAORI SX 60 (foldable, highly portable, wood & metal frame):            $1628

SAORI WX90 (all wood frame, foldable, disassemble)                                   $2558

Each SAORI 60 Series loom includes: 1 complete harness set to match the loom (2 harnesses); 1 reed(5dents/cm); 1 medium shuttle; 1 denting hook; 1 heddle hook; 2 tying rods; 1 pkg. 15 bobbins without metal ends (rims/flanges). Also, the loom comes with 1 pre-rolled warp threaded 150-threads, 6-meter black cotton on a re-usable cardboard rolling tube.


SAORI PICCOLO: Designed for children as well as for adults of average size or smaller, this loom has a light-weight metal frame that is extendable, foldable, & highly portable. Although we recommend the following model which includes a shelf for convenient placement of accessories (scissors, bobbins, etc.),

a clamp to hold the folded loom closed, an attached bobbin winder, you may have a model without them with less money.


SAORI Piccolo 40 (with shelf, clamp, a bobbin winder)                 $1168


Each Piccolo loom includes: 1 two-harness set; 1 reed(5dents/cm); 1 pre-rolled and threaded 150-thread, 6-meter black cotton warp with re-usable cardboard rolling tube, and 1 tying rod with a clip. No other accessories are included; therefore, when ordering your Piccolo loom, we suggest you consult us regarding what accessories you will need to fit your plans. For example, a shuttle and bobbins are not included in this.


Ordering your Loom: $250 deposit will be required for your loom  order. We have no control how soon the  order will come since it depends on the factory situation. When you pay with a credit card, you are responsible to pay for the transaction fee of  3%.

We accept a check, venmo, googlepay, paypal, and squar. Full payment for any loom is expected within 30 days of its arrival at our studio, unless otherwise arranged.  

Shipping and delivering loom order will be arranged upon requests. 



“Inside Set” Accessories

A key advantage of the SAORI loom is that one can remove an entire work-in-progress (harnesses, reed, warp rolled on tube, and tying rods) from the loom and replace it with a different “inside set”. Thus, one can use a single loom for multiple works-in-progress by using multiple “inside sets.”


Harness set (2 harnesses): For SAORI 60 Series loom $194 / For Piccolo Series Loom $116

Reed (available in a variety of densities): For SAORI 60 Series loom $185 / For Piccolo Series loom $141

Clipping tying rod1: For SAORI 60 Series loom $18 / For Piccolo Series loom $18

Tying Rod for all looms: $6

Paper Pipe for SAORI 60 Series or Piccolo Series (specify Series)2: $8


Pre-Rolled 30-meter black cotton or wool warp for SAORI 60 or Piccolo Series (specify Series)2, 3: 

100 threads        $74

150 threads        $82

200 threads        $90

1Clips warp threads to rod, eliminating need for hand-tying

2Piccolo tube is shorter than 60 Series tube, but pre-rolled warp on either tube has same number of threads.

3Other thread-numbers & meter-lengths available, other colors are occasionally available on offer from factory

Other Accessories (visit for photos & descriptions)

Warping Frame w/2 legs (for leaning against a wall, bookcase, etc.): $330

Stand-attachment for Warping Frame w/2 legs (to create self-standing warping unit) $218

Kenzo’s Dividing Bar Set     $153

Tabletop Beaming and Threading Holder    $246

Reed Holder Attachment                 $36

Warp Beam for the Tabletop Beaming and Threading Holder     $110

Starting point cord:           $4

Cross-holder:       $70  

Threading Holder   $107

Heddle hook       $21

Reed hook         $21

Boat-shaped Shuttle: medium (size that comes with new SAORI 60 loom) $57 / small $44 / X-large $87    Bobbin package 15 bobbins w/o flanges or 8 bobbins w/flanges $9

There are more accessories available for sale. Please ask Mihoko for more info. 





Please contact Mihoko at for these books. She will send you an invoice.

“SAORI : Self-Innovation through Free Weaving” by Misao and Kenzo Jo $62

“SAORI Fuku no katachi ni suru” (only available in Japanese) $47

“Beginners’ SAORI Clothing Design” $29

“Intermediate SAORI Clothing Design” $42

“SAORI Shitate no hon” (Clothing design book in Japanese) $47

“My Grandma is a Fashion Model” (Photo essay written in Japanese. Mihoko’s translation booklet comes with it.) $20


Visit www. for these books, color warp and some art works. For all inquiry contact Mihoko at or 508-757-4646.










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