Registered SAORI studios outside of Japan



HanDen Studio -Peachtree City, GA, USA

loop of the loom -NYC, NY, USA

SAORI Chattanooga – Chattanooga, TN, USA

SAORI Curiousweaver– New South Wales, Australia

SAORI Free-Style Weaving Studio “FUN” – Chaska, MN, USA

SAORI Salt Spring -Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

SAORI Berkeley -Berkeley, CA, USA

SAORI Santa Cruz – Felton, CA, USA

SAORI Studio LA -Los Angels, CA, USA

Sprendipity SAORI Studio -Skaneateles, NY, USA

Wayward Weavers SAORI Studio – Bristol, UK

Weavin’ Place -Folsom, LA, USA

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053Institutions with SAORI Weaving Programs

Since we started our business SAORI Weaving has been introduced to many institutions as our partnership site program. They sent their staff to be trained at our studio and started the program on their sites with support from us. Here are some institutions where people are actively weaving.


Alternatives, INC

Assabet Valley Collaborative

College of the Holy Cross, Chaplain’s office

Highland Grace House

Kremples Brain Injury Foundation

Lokelani ‘Ohana

St. Francis House

Seven Hills Foundation

Walnut Street Center

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Student Developing & Counseling Center


In Japan 023

SAORI no Mori -Izumi city, Osaka


SAORI Hiroba -Osaka city, Osaka

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    I apologize that I have not updated the website. My summer was busy and here I am in the middle of November. Today is the opening reception day for my solo exhibition Entrance to Indigo at Davis Art Gallery, 44 Portland Street, Worcester.

    Ways of maintaining business such as promoting has been changing so rapidly. Recently I have been trying to use Instagram & Facebook more since my son set up Apps on my iphone.

    Be honest with you, I don't know the best way to announce the latest news of the studio. People in my email list get a seasonal e-newsletter which includes events and special workshops. That goes to current and former students. If you want to be subscriber, please let me know.

    People who are not in the list gets info via Instagram & Facebook. Then there are others who don't use the social media. I have to be aware to update my website more often.

    Because I was pretty concentrated on my show, I decided not to attend stART at the station this year. I might not be able to set up holiday market because I am burn out. I will take this time to recharge and make new strategy for next year. I hope you a wonderful holiday season. I appreciate your generous continuous support in 2017.