Current Newsletter



Hope you are doing well. This winter seems much easier to manage comparing to ones in past several years. Spring is not too far before you know it. I am happy to announce hosting some new workshops at the studio. My Japan tour in May is still available.
Hope you join us in one of these events!



Creating Art Yarn
with Ashley Martineau

March 30th (Sat.) 10am – 4pm ( One hour lunch break in between.) 
$100 including materials, Pre-registered required. 

Ashley Martineau is a spinner, a dyer and a fiber artist. She will teach us how to spin to create Art Yarn instead of traditional hand-spun yarn. She recently has taken our Basic Course to use her handspun yarn to make a couple of story tapestries.

This workshop is for people who can handle a spinning wheel. You don’t need to be good at it or own one but you need to be able to draw fiber while turning the wheel with a foot pedal.Please bring your spinning wheel if you have one.

If you have not spun before but you are interested in this workshop, you should take a spinning workshop for beginners with Mihoko on March 23rd.(Anyone is welcome to this class.)

Ashley will bring all kinds of fiber for you to play, which she calls :Fiber Buffet”. She will start teaching us how to card them mixing textures and mixing colors.

For registration pay to notify Mihoko to pay her directly or visit the website for class page. You can sign up online on the calendar on the page for your convenience. 



Making a Lola Bag from SAORI fabric
with Judi

March 24th (Sun) 10am-5pm (One hour lunch break is in between.) 
$60, Pre-registered required.
Maximum 6 people

Judi Bajgot has been a studio member for few years and making many purses and handbags from her handwoven materials. Some of you may remember her bags at Loom in Essence 2018 at Sprinkler Factory Gallery. Many people admired them and requested the workshop to learn how to make them by themselves. She will teach us a basic style called Lola bag using a pattern available online. The pattern is here.

She said that there were a lot to prepare before starting sewing. You need to get few kinds of interfacing, cut patterns and apply them for the workshop. In this way you will be ready to learn the steps of sewing to finish in the workshop. You can do the preparation in regular class time if you like. I set a very reasonable price for the workshop since it’s her first time to lead a workshop. Remember next time it will go up. 

This workshop is for people who have basic – intermediate sewing skill. Please bring your sewing box and a sewing machine. If you would like to use one of studio sewing machines, please reserve with me. I will ask a small donation.

If you have any questions to her, please let me know. I will get you touch with her. 




April 13th (Sat.) 3:30-5:30pm
Free and Open to public, Light refreshment will be served.

Kai means a gathering/party in Japanese. This is a show and tell gathering to all. Please bring your recent & not-so-recent work to share. People get inspired from everyone who has a own journey of creating a piece. Don’t hesitate to show even your first piece.
Also, this is a good public event for people who want to check the studio and find out about SAORI weaving. Please feel free to invite your families and friends.Study Group members are also encouraged to come to show your work. 

Events outside of the Studio

   Wayland Winters Farmers Market Fiber Day
   March 3rd (Sun) 10am -3pm

   SAORI Lecture and a 3 hour workshop at Falmouth Art Center
   March 18th (Mon) 11am 

   Artist Talk ” Fibers Inside & Outside the Body” (Kevin Ohashi and Mihoko ) organized by Eliot School of Fine Art and Applied Art 
   At Loring Greenough House, Boston
   April 7th (Sun) 3-5pm



The 9th SAORI Study and Friendship Tour (to Japan!)
May 14th-27th

(sorry for the picture of the wrong season.—technical problem:<)

This tour is still available. Please check out the itinerary on the website here. On this tour you will get to understand more about SAORI and the culture behind, visit Japanese gardens and temples, hot springs, and visit a studio of Japanese national human treasure of Kurume ikat.  If you are interested in, please let me know. The airfare is reasonable right now. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Hope you join us!



Seed to Fashion 

I am so excited that the second year of this program will start in June 16th. The application will be available in April. You need to commit most of monthly workshops through June to November to grow indigo plants, learn dyeing and spinning and weave a scarf with hand-dyed yarn at the end.

Thanks to Worcester Arts Council, all workshop is free to Worcester residents of all ages. If you are interested in, please let me know. I will get contact as soon as the application is open. 

Again, I also look for people who grow indigo seedlings for this program. I appreciate your generosity.  Please let me know if you are willing.