Japan Tour

8th SAORI Weaving Study & Friendship Tour (Tokyo and North)

October 12-22th, 2018

Cost: $2,200 

Deposit of $1,000 due on Friday, August 31st

($50 off if you pay cash or a check) 

Asakusa District in Tokyo

Itinerary :

Oct. 12th: Arrive in Tokyo (Narita Airport)
Oct. 12-14th: Tokyo , Sight-seeing, cultural experience, possible home-stay experience
Oct. 15-16th: Oga, Akita, Staying at a Buddhist temple to have temple experience with meditation, seeing Japanese drumming and traditional folk performances. Exploring Oga peninsula 
Oct. 17th: Akita, Japanese Inn experience
Oct. 18-19th: Hanamaki, Iwate , Visiting and staying at a SAORI studio, visiting Tsunami effected site, handcraft experience, Hot spring, folk performances
Oct. 20-21st: Tokyo , Shopping
Oct. 22nd: Leaving

Dairyuji Temple in Oga

 The Tour’s focus is learning SAORI Weaving & meeting people connected to SAORI in its nation of origin. It includes explorations of Tokyo and Northern Japan. You will take an adventure into the deep cultural experiences that most visitors without Japanese guides can’t have. Accommodations are not 5 star hotels but they will be comfortable with a taste of Japanese style of living.  Mihoko introduces personal friends who help out with the tour locally.  As a friendship tour you will weave interrelationships with other tour companions as well as people you meet in Japan. Mihoko facilitates check-in meetings throughout the tour as a group to share thoughts, experiences and reflections. 

The price includes all accommodation, transportation, a one-week Japan Rail Pass, all breakfasts as well as dinner on the last night, group cultural activities & an experienced translator/tour coordinator who organizes from personal interests to group agendas. Tour Price does not include cost of airfare or individual lunches/dinners, since these vary greatly according to preferences of each tour member.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in, please contact Mihoko. She is in the process of finalizing this trip still, and it would be helpful to know how many people are interested. 


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