Spinning Workshop on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

April 23rd   (Saturday) 3:30pm-5:30pm, $20

The instructor : Nancy Zuese

You will learn a basic spinning skill with a spinning wheel.  This is for beginners. No experience necessary.

Pre-registered with payment is required.  You don’t have to be our studio members. This workshop is open to public.


Sewing Day on Sunday, May 1st, 2016

May 1st (Sunday) 1pm-5pm, Free for current students, $10 for others

The instructor : Mihoko Wakabayashi

You will get familiar with your own sewing machine if you don’t have one. Sewing your own woven fabric is terrifying for some people, however, if you understand how the sewing machine works and how to work with a woven fabric, it is not so scary. You will learn basics of sewing, cutting, and trimming materials woven by David Williams to make a garment for sale. Then you may apply the basics to make your own garment with your handwoven materials at home or at a class.

Pre-registered with payment is required.


Dyeing Party on Saturday, May 21st, 2016

May 21st (Sat.) 3:30pm- 9pm,  $10 plus material fee which is $1 per ounce for yarn to be dyed you bring.

The instructor : Mihoko Wakabayashi

This is only for people who have taken a painting warp workshop with Janet Nelson last year. Please bring plant fiber yarn, warp, cloth to paint.  Mihoko will provide dyes and working tables for you to drop off to dye as much as you want. Bring an apron or an old clothes in case the paint splash. Please feel free to bring snack or supper so you may have a break between and keep deying until 9pm.

Pre-registered with payment is required.  You may request what color you are interested in to work with.


Painting Warp Workshop on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

May 22nd (Sun.) 1:30pm -3:30pm, $40

The instructor : Janet Nelson

This is a workshop for beginners to learn how to hand-paint your own white warp yarn. Bring your own warp that is 100 ends and 2.5 meter long and wear old clothing to be ready to work with paint. Janet will teach you the whole process from how to treat dye powder to how to apply the dye into your warp. You will make your own space dyed warp which you may weave on a loom later.

Pre-registered with payment is required.


Japan Spring Festival on Sunday, April 24th  2016

Please join us at Boston Common on Sunday, April 24th at 11am-6pm. There will be a stage performances, food vendors and many cultural booths. Mihoko will bring a couple of looms for people to make a bracelet in 10 minutes and have items for sale.

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  • Happy Spring!

    I know that Spring is around the corner. It's a great time to start something new. Since my class doesn't have a fixed starting day or a registration due day, many people seems that they put their plan to come to my studio on hold. I have been told by a bunch of people that they were planning to take my lessons "this year" of "soon" whenever they saw me . It seems to me that people need a due day to make decisions especially to start something new even though they are longing to do it for a while.
    What motivates you to do something new? In this very busy lives so many people are so used to spend days by following what is supposed to be taken care of. How about taking care of yourself?
    SAORI weaving is not just a hobby or a craft you gain a weaving skill. It gives you a relaxation, it creates space in your mind, it gives you a creative stimulation in a friendly atmosphere. So why don't you try it this new season? The trial class is only $20 including materials for two hour session to weave on pre-set warp. You may come to our spinning workshop instead. (See events page.) Hope to see more new faces at the studio!