on May 10th (Sat.) at SAORI Worcester 3:30pm-5:30pm

This time we feature our studio member Stacey Piwinski who has recently got MFA from The Art Institute of Boston at Leslie University, Cambridge. Her outstanding work won several prizes. She combines her weaving with her painting. She says, “I weave like I am painting, I paint like I am weaving.”. Here is her website and her blog is She will show a slide show and tell us about how she gets the idea and what her works are. We are very excited to having her at the studio to give us a wonderful inspiration.

We will have time to do regular “show and tell”, too. Don’t forget to bring your recent work to share. People who want to find out about SAORI Weaving are also welcome.


Silk Dye Workshop with Colorhue

on April 26th (Sat.) at SAORI Worcester 3:30pm -5:30pm

Please sign up for this fun workshop. You can dye 3 scarf size warp. (approximately 100threads X 2.5 meter long)

It is $20 for current students and $30 for others if you bring your own silk warp. If you are a current studio member, you can use one class time. If you want to buy warp, each warp cost $13. RSVP necessary, especially if you want to buy warp, please let Mihoko know by April 20th.

Colohue is a permanent dye. It’s simple and easy to use. We will dye with bag method combining SAORI tie-dye style and experiment from there.

Fundraising for Refugee Artisans of Worcester (RAW)

on April 17th (Thursday) at Panera Bread at 4-8pm

Joan Kariko, a studio member has been involving in Refugee Artisans of Worcester and let Mihoko knows about this fundraising event which you can easily support.

Refugee Artisans of Worcester (RAW) embodies the artistic and cultural diversity of Worcester. Active RAW participants are more than 30 from 12 countries including Bhutanese stone carver, Backstrap weavers from Burma, Rwanda and Burundi raffia basket makers, Nepali textile (corn hust mat and bamboo basket weavers), Kanya sisal basket weavers, embroidery embellishment from Iraq,Demosratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Central Africa Republic.

All you need to do is bring the event flyer (you can pick up at the studio) to Panera Bread located at 120 Goldstar Blvd at 4-8pm on April 17th and buy your food. Some percentage of its sales goes to RAW. Take out also counts. (gift cards, catering are excluded.) Mihoko is planning to have supper there after 6pm. Please join her to support RAW!!












For other workshops at the studio please visit Class page.

several scarves , image for Holiday market