Loom in Essence (SAORI Worcester Studio Exhibition)

7/5/15-7/26/15 at The Sprinkler Factory Gallery , 38 Harlow Street, Worcester, MA

Public Reception July 10th (Friday) 6-8pm. Open to Public. Free. (Note: The gallery is 2nd floor and there is no elevator. Sorry!)


Loom in Essence ALICIA EDIT

The gallery open hours: Fri. Sat. & Sun. 10-5pm or by appointment with Mihoko at 508-757-4646.


Workshop at Templeton General in Boston

July 16th (Thursday) 7-9pm, $50

You will have a weaving experience for two hours. Beginners, children, elders are welcome. Please see the website of Templeton General. It is close to South Station.

Please register with Laura at Templeton General ASAP to reserve your loom!


SAORI Kai at the Sprinkler Factory Gallery 

July 26th (Sunday) 2-4pm. Free.

This is more like artist talk on the current show “Loom in Essence” since so many of studio members submitted their pieces. It’s open to public. Let’s hear about the stories behind art work from the artists.

Fiber Art Tour to Massachusetts


This is a 11 days tour from Japan to Massachusetts to explore the depth of fiber arts including weaving, sewing, knitting, crochet, felting, spinning and more. The main of the tour is New England Fiber Festival, West Springfield, MA which has more than 150 booths to present all kinds of fiber oriented materials to activities. It is like a candy shop for fiber lovers.

There will be Boston city sightseeing, visiting American Textile History Museum, Plymouth, experience Halloween and trying SAORI weaving.

Guided by experienced tour guide Mihoko, the tour will be a special journey to deepen your interest in fiber art.

Join us for this unique tour!

Please request the information in Japanese by clicking below.

???????? (Nihongo info.)

Events for Fundraising Annie’s trip to Japan!!!

These events were very successful thanks to you! Annie had a great time in Japan. We appreciate so much for your generosity!




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  • Loom in Essence 2015

    We are having the public reception of Loom in Essence in few hours. Loom in Essence is our studio group exhibition that presents current and former studio students' work. It will be held at the Sprinkler Factory Gallery, 38 Harlow Street, Worcester, MA, a couple of miles from the studio. The Sprinkler Factory Gallery is located in the former Rockwell Sprinkler Co building and the gallery space is nearly 300 square feet, 160 feet length of wall space.

    SAORI Worcester has presented many studio shows in the chapel of Unitarian Church in Worcester, at its own store front space and in the upstairs space of current location. However, Mihoko felt that it was time to show what the studio members had been creating to the larger audience in the community. This gallery is so big and tall that it gave Mihoko a great inspiration for that.

    135 pieces woven / created by over 40 people are in the show. It is the largest show for SAORI Worcester ever. It is our 15th year of the business and it celebrates individuals' unique art work through this unique art form.

    The show includes work from Seven Hills Foundation (3 different programs) and St. Francis House, Boston , the largest homeless shelter in New England.

    Every pieces is only-one-of- a-kind work! Please stop by to see. Visit the event page for more details. Thank you.