SAORI Canada-US Association

SAORI Canada-US Association (SCUSA)

Since 2000 as the first SAORI Studio in USA, SAORI Worcester has been working hard to build SAORI communities in this continent. We thought it was very important to keep our friendship well with other SAORI studios and SAORI Weavers. We organized the first SAORI Us-Canada gathering in 2006 in Worcester, MA.  About a dozen people spent a weekend together to share a fashion show, an opening reception of the exhibition, workshops and discussions. That was the beginning of SAORI Canada-US Association. We agreed that we needed to stay connected each other and to form some kind of group which supports the friendship among us to develop SAORI in north America.

In 2007 Yukako Satone of loop of the loom hosted a conference in NYC and in 2008 Dan & Chiaki O’Brien of SAORI Free-Style Weaving Studio “Fun” hosted it in Chaska, MN. Then four years later Laura Roveda of SAORI Studio LA hosted it in Los Angels, CA  in 2012 and Denise Prince of HanDen Studios; SAORI Peachtree City hosted it in 2014. The last two conferences were co-organized and sponsored by SAORI no mori, Japan.


Kenzo Jo showing the clipping tying rod

You can see the brief statement about 2014 conference on the blog.

We don’t know when and where the next conference will be in 2016 yet. I will post it as soon as I know. Stay tuned!



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