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07/10/16 7:28 PM

It’s time to post the announcement for the next year’s tour. I can not believe this will be the 7th SAORI Worcester’s friendship tour. Each one has its unique character to me. I am so grateful that there never has been any serious accident or issue during the tour. We have never had earthquake or typhoon either although throughout Japan there have been so many natural disasters. Although I have gained experiences, I do need to have cooperation from tour members to make it a successful journey. Thanks to the past tour members it seems to me that there are variety of talents to make the tour a fun, exciting, and memorable one to everyone.

I look forward to new one in 2017. We will visit Misao Jo, the founder of SAORI, Kenzo Jo, the loom designer, Eiji Jo, the director of SAORI Hiroba and so many others.

In Yufuin there was a huge earthquake this spring. People in Flora House were alright but visitors got decreased which made an impact on the business. I hope our visit encourage them to keep going.

I am longing for the smiles of many familiar faces and smells of good food and rice fields. Will you join us for the special experience next late Spring?

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  1. Margaret L Beem Says:

    What are the details on the Japan trip? Can I get more information?

  2. admin Says:

    I don’t know but you can not get to the page if you click on the page. Please see the right side for the directory. Please click Japan tour under Other Activities. You will get dates, cost and the details. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Deborah Brooks Says:

    Information on Japan Tour please!

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