Great Lessons

These past couple of weeks were eventful for me. I lost a key to my mailbox so I needed to put a note on the mailbox asking mailmen to leave mails inside the side door. My iPhone got recovery mode right after upgrading the phone and it didn’t function as a phone. I brought it into Sprint store and Apple store. They could not help me. I was not able to use the phone for three days. When I realized most of my pictures were saved in a different place safely, I restarted the phone which meant that all the data would be lost. On top of that, I was locked out myself at home. All my keys were in the kitchen table. I was in a hurry to open the car door, I noticed I was in trouble.

It is my nature that I am forgetful.  All my adult life I have been working on it and I thought I have building a skill not to forget important things. But these incidents reminded me of what I came to this life with.


I learned so many lessons from my mistakes. That’s why I can help others by telling that it would be OK. It’s really true that I had a great feeling of liberation when I could not use my phone. There was nothing bad happened. I had time to read and do other stuff. I had to borrow my friend’s phone but it was fine.

On my weaving journey I made so many mistakes, too. Especially the first few years of my teaching SAORI at my apartment, I made many mistakes. Let me tell you a story. I used to make my own warp for trial sessions. I usually set up 120 threads and 13 meter long. One day because I was in a hurry, after threading to the reed, I wound the 13 meter warp without threading heddles. When I tied all the warp to the tying rod over the front beam, I noticed there were no harness on the loom. After I thought through every possible way to avoid taking the warp off the reed, I had re-threaded all the warp both heddles and the reed. This is just one example of my mistakes. For all these years I also experienced many unfortunate events that my students had.

Now I know all the mistakes would nurture new skills and ideas. That’s why I have many tips when something unexpected things happens. I don’t like to give suggestions and information to people who are beginner weavers since they have great innocent ideas. But I am grateful to be able to warn them when they are going to go too far.

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  1. My experience with misplacing, losing or forgetting keys has taught me that too much is going on in life. I seriously have to take stock and regroup. It’s funny you mention your phone. My phone goes dead and when it does it is always a sign that my own battery is dead and I need to recharge as well as the phone. What can we do? Look for the silver lining in the cloud : ) So glad things did work out and it was a gift to be able to read and not answer the phone.

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